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We offer policy and scientific writing for governments, scientific communities, and public audiences. Writing services include developing research highlights to summarize meetings and workshops, crafting papers in a clear and concise manner for the policy and scientific communities, presenting reports in an accessible for the public, and compiling manuscripts for publication in journals.

Research & Analysis

To analyze the state of theory or practice for clients, we perform in-depth scientific research and literature reviews to locate all information relevant to the client. Our extensive expertise then allows us to draw out relevant data, perform analyses, and otherwise summarize the data in a way most useful to the client.

Case Development

We have significant experience with a broad spectrum of public health content, scientific writing, and business case product development. We work with clients to make complex, important issues approachable and actionable by holding two questions central in all our work: What does it take for someone to learn about a complex issue? What, then, makes them act on what they’ve learned?

Strategy & Planning Support

For government and nonprofit organizations, we assist in developing mission-driven strategies, action plans, progress evaluations, and continuous quality improvement processes.

Meeting/Workshop Design & Support

Our meeting, workshop exercise facilitation experiences range from moderating small focus groups to managing large scale meetings designed to reach consensus on solutions to issues. We also provide logistical support and prepare substantive briefing materials for participants including literature reviews and syntheses of key issues. We employ advanced facilitation and design thinking techniques to help our clients plan meetings, workshops, and exercises and surface new thinking and ideas.

Crisis & Continuity Planning

We develop specific plans and exercises that enable an organization to practice, prepare, and respond to a crisis event in a manner such that functions, sub-functions and processes are recovered and resumed per a predetermined plan, prioritized by their criticality to the viability of the operation.

Project, Program & Portfolio Management Services

The management of projects, programs, and portfolios are most successful when deliberate, strategic, and based on leading practices. Project management isn’t just about timelines, scope, and deliverables. It’s also about reputation, revenue, stability, and success. In today’s fast paced, competitive, and cost-restrained environments, we deliver businesses, organizations, and communities the benefits of project, program, and portfolio management in a cost-effective, controlled, and successful manner.