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After Action Report Repository

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Preserve, share, and access valuable after-action reports for topics of interest to the public health domain.

After Action Reports (AARs) play a vital role in fostering continuous improvement and disseminating promising practices. However, locating AARs online can be a challenging task, as they are often scattered across numerous jurisdictions and organizations. This fragmentation makes it difficult for stakeholders to access valuable insights and lessons learned from previous incidents, hindering the overall progress and effectiveness of emergency management and response strategies.


This repository consolidates AARs from various sources, facilitating easy access to information on previous incidents, best practices, and lessons learned. This centralization helps improve preparedness and response strategies across different sectors and jurisdictions.

Do you have an AAR that's not included in the repository and want to share it with others? Simply click the +File button, sign up for an account, and upload the report.

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