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What’s Intelligence Anyways?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Public health and emergency managers: you should know the differences between Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and Artificial Capable Intelligence (ACI).

It’s the difference between AI that sets your morning alarm to the one capable of guiding global emergency responses.

Let’s break it down:

  • ANI: AI we engage with daily already. Whether it's Siri answering our queries, ChatGPT generating content, or Google Maps navigating through traffic, ANI excels in specific, designated tasks.

  • AGI: Theoretical AI with cognitive abilities mirroring, and surpassing, human intelligence. Think of a machine that can perform any intellectual task a human can, from writing a CONOPs to optimizing response logistics.

  • ACI: An intermediary, yet significant step we are close to taking, before AGI. Imagine a more versatile ANI, capable of managing an array of related tasks and continually adapting. Not as limited as ANI, not as broad as AGI.

While ANIs are useful, and AGIs seem like sci-fi, ACI, particularly its prospective role in public health and emergency management is really quite possible soon and interesting:

  1. Omni-Task Capable AI Assistant:

  2. Combatting Misinformation:

  3. Predictive Analysis and Resource Allocation: ACI could be invaluable in predicting health crises based on various indicators, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently and timely.

  4. Personalized Emergency Responses: For individuals with specific needs – say, someone with a medical condition – ACI could offer tailored emergency guidelines, ensuring their unique requirements are addressed during a crisis.

The potential of ACI, especially in areas of public health and emergency management, is profound. By bridging the capabilities of narrow and general intelligence, ACI presents a pathway to a more resilient, informed, and cohesive emergency response mechanism.

For those in public health and emergency preparedness, the question isn't merely if ACI will play a role, but how we'll integrate its capabilities into our work.

Are you and your organization AI ready? Reach out to SGNL Solutions for help.



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