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The Healthcare and Public Health (HPH) sector provides goods and services essential to maintaining local, national, and global health, security, and our way of life.  The mission of the HPH sector is to “sustain the essential functions of the Nation’s healthcare and public health delivery system and to support effective emergency preparedness and response to nationally significant hazards. The HPH sector is large, diverse, and open, spanning both the public and private sectors. It is common to think of the HPH sector as limited to the hospital industry. However, the reach of the HPH sector goes significantly beyond hospital services and encompasses the various forms of care delivery, public health services, education, and supporting industries and infrastructures spread throughout all communities in the country. It includes publicly accessible healthcare facilities, research centers, suppliers, manufacturers, and other physical assets, and vast, complex public-private information technology (IT) systems required for care delivery and to support the rapid, secure transmission and storage of large amounts of HPH data.

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Healthcare and Public Health Sector
Critical Infrastructure Protection

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