Our global society faces massive issues with healthcare, public health, education, the natural and built environment, security, sustainability, and social equity. Many government, nonprofit, and social institutions are actively working to address these issues, yet all too often their work is done without crossing disciplinary boundaries – which we believe is essential to finding innovative ways to address these issues. This is where HATCH, our approach to exploring and solving challenges, comes in.

Through our HATCH approach, SGNL helps generate and promote new ideas and dialog. SGNL team members and contributors produce original content to help spark ideas, share innovations, and talk across disciplines. Our content contributors are established experts and emerging leaders from across the government, nonprofit, and social landscape invested in tackling the problems our society faces.

HATCH raises awareness about emerging ideas and innovations to help our clients and audiences see from new and different perspectives. We curate and provide commentary on content from across the web related to many critical areas of our society – all within one easy-to-access platform.

SGNL wants to change the way institutions engage one another to solve problems. We convene and facilitate real-world strategic conversations with leaders and experts from across disciplines to help explore these issues and find solutions. This is done in two ways.


1.) Small-group events and meetings where multidisciplinary groups can explore issues and prioritize needs. As HATCH collaboration engineers and facilitators help keep the dialog moving along strategically during these events using advanced participation and design thinking techniques, we record and collate insights, and write up summaries afterwards to share.


2.) HATCH events, similar to hackathons (minus the mountain dew hangovers and pizza bites), are low-key challenge-based events where diverse participants form teams to examine the issues and offer ways we might solve them.